Contact Information:

Down For The Count Sales and Distribution, LLC.
New Braunfels, Texas
Phone:  512.754.3411
Fax:  512.754.3422


Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday
From  10:00 AM to 3:00 PM CST
Phone orders can be placed during these hours. Our facility is not open to the public.
All sales are done by email, fax, and phone or online at our website.



Welcome to Down For The Count Sales and Distribution, LLC.

From here on out we will refer to our company as DFC.  Thank you for shopping with us!


Terms and Conditions:


o   Carefully read these terms and conditions of sales and service. If you visit our website and make a purchase, then YOU ACCEPT ALL OF THESE CONDITIONS.

o   All sales are final.

o   Unless otherwise stated, all of our ammunition is non-corrosive.

o  Orders cannot be changed or added to once placed, so please be sure of your order before submitting.  All cancelations are subject to our standard restocking fee of 15% of the purchase total.



o   Please check with your State and local laws before making a purchase. The buyer is responsible for compliance with any local or State laws which may limit the purchase or possession of ammunition or certain types of ammunition in which they reside. Ammunition may be illegal to purchase or own in your State. Some States have prohibited certain types of ammunition. It is the responsibility of the buyer to research and abide by all local, State and Federal laws and to take full responsibility for all legal issues prior to making a purchase. If you are from a state where this item is illegal to own, buy or ship to, and you still make an ammunition purchase; you will be responsible for any restocking fees incurred.

o   Ammunition orders from customers under the age of 21 years will be canceled.

o   You, the buyer, agree that you are not prohibited from purchasing or owning these products by any local, state or federal laws regarding your criminal background, drug use, domestic violence protective orders, or other prohibitions, and that you meet these age requirements.

o    All content included on our website and email flyers, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, digital downloads and such is the property of Down For The Count Sales and Distribution, LLC or its contents suppliers and protected by United States and International copyright laws.

o   Not having control over the use of the products on our website and email flyers, we assume no liability connected with their use.  Under no circumstances are we or the manufacturer liable for any losses, damages, or expenses of any kind arising out of the use or inability to use these products.






o   You understand that all ammunition and firearms can be dangerous when misused and that you accept full responsibility and liability for the safe use and storage of these items.

o   AMMUNITION CONTAINS LEAD. Exposure to lead may result in health problems. Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, and cleaning of firearms may result in exposure to lead.  Always use sufficient ventilation when firing weapons and wash your hands after handling ammunition and firearms.






o   We do not offer COD orders.

o   We do not offer layaway on ammunition.

o    Freight cost/insurance/handling charges will be added to your credit card after your order ships.

o   DFC does its best to accurately represent the merchandise through photo, price and description.  We are not bound by errors in pricing, pictures, or descriptions in our email flyers or website.  We reserve the right to limit quantities, not allow backorders on some merchandise, or increase prices as dictated by the market.


Sales Tax Charges:
The sales office and warehouse of Down for the Count Sales and Distribution LLC are located in the great state of Texas.  Orders shipped to destinations in Texas or picked up at our location will be charged with an additional 8.63% sales tax.  Texas dealers and businesses making purchases with the intent of resale may complete a Texas Blanket Exemption Certificate and will not be charged sales tax.  This tax certificate must be completed and submitted with a copy of your Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit, along with the completed DFC Order Form and DFC Ammunition Statement Form when you submit your order.

Privacy Policy:
Down for the Count Sales and Distribution LLC respects your privacy and would never disclose buyers' information to third parties.

Return Policy:
For obvious safety reasons, there are no returns, refunds or exchanges on ammunition purchases.



Rules for purchasing ammunition from DFC:

All ammunition buyers must:

o   Be an adult of 21 years of age or older to purchase AMMUNITION from DFC.

o   Never have been convicted of a felony or crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

o   Never been adjudicated as mentally defective or been committed to a mental institution.

o   Never have been a fugitive from justice, an unlawful user of any controlled substance.

o   Have not been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces.

o   Never have renounced his or her US citizenship.

o   Have not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

o   Never have been subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing , stalking or threatening an intimate partner or child.




o   We have a MINIMUM PURCHASE for ammunition;

Of 100 rounds of rifle ammunition per order,

Or 200 rounds of handgun ammunition per order.


o   We do not ship ammunition out of the country. Ammunition is not to be exported.

o   You must be an adults 21 YEARS of age and older to purchase HANDGUN, RIFLE AND SHOTGUN AMMUNITION.

o   Note, to receive ammunition someone OVER 21 years of age needs to be present to sign for the package when it is delivered.

o   Your date of birth must be clearly and legibly printed and your valid state ID clearly shown on our DFC AMMUNITION STATEMENT when purchasing ammunition.

If you reside in a location where law dictates that ammunition MUST BE SHIPPED TO AN FFL or C & R gun dealer;

o   FIRST, find a local gun shop or other FFL or C & R holder in your area that is willing to transfer the ammunition to your name. Most dealers will do a transfer for you for a small fee.


o   SECOND, have the gun dealer send us a current signed and LEGIBLE copy of their license along with their contacts name, phone, fax, email information and most importantly reference your name.


o   THIRD, once we have their license on file we can complete your order.



o     We can then ship your order to the dealer's place of business and you can then pick up your legally transferred ammunition order. If you order ammunition and we have no FFL or C & R license on file, we will email you back explaining that you legally need an FFL, obviously delaying your order. A C&R LICENSE IS ONLY REQUIRED IN A FEW STATES.   This will not apply to the majority of you.



o    Download, fill out and submit a copy of our DFC AMMUNITION STATEMENT along with a current LEGIBLE copy of your government issued identification (such as your driver license) to verify that you are A LEGAL CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and of proper age. The completed DFC AMMUNITION STATEMENT (along with your identification) MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH EVERY ORDER.   The ID must be emailed or faxed with your order form.  Ammunition orders WILL NOT be shipped without proper identification and your confirmation to all of the above listed eligibility requirements. The address listed on your state issued ID SHOULD BE YOUR CURRENT RESIDENT ADDRESS and will be the address that your items purchased will be shipped to.


Customer Certification:

The customer certifies that they are at least 21 years of age;  a legal resident of the U.S.;  the products purchased are for personal use in the U.S. and they will not be sold or transported outside the U.S..  The customer has checked all local, state and Federal laws and ordnances prior to ordering and will adhere to them.




Qualified Buyers:



o   DFC sells merchandise ONLY to individuals who can legally purchase and own the products in the particular jurisdiction where they reside.  The purchase of products from DFC whether over the internet, email, fax or in person legally binds the customer and their heirs, transferees, and personal representatives as follows:  The customer is a legal adult, U.S. resident that has checked all local, state and federal ordnances; they can legally purchase the products and will not resell or transport outside the U.S..  By offering products for sale, DFC does not represent or warrant that any specific customer may legally purchase, own or possess the products ordered.


o   DFC products may be dangerous, even deadly, if used improperly, negligently or illegally.  The customer agrees they shall use the purchased products in a safe and legal manner consistent with all applicable laws, recognized safety rules, good common sense, and will keep it out of the hands of minors or unauthorized individuals.  Furthermore, the customer will assume responsibility and all risks related to and/or arising from ownership and use of the products and agree DFC is not responsible and will hold DFC harmless for any and all claims brought by any person or entity against DFC related to and/or arising from the customers’ ownership and/or use of the products.




Steps to follow to purchase ammunition from DFC;


1.     Click on the DFC Order Form.  Fill in all of the applicable fields of the order form.

2.    Click on the DFC Ammunition Statement form.  Fill out all of the applicable fields of this form.

3.    Either email or fax these two forms to us.  If you are a tax exempt resident of Texas, please click on the Texas Blanket Exemption Certificate, fill this form out and send it with a copy of your Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit, along with the completed DFC Order Form and DFC Ammunition Statement Form when you submit your order.






o   We only accept U.S. issued credit cards (VISA,MasterCard,Discover and American Express) and debit cards.

o   Your billing address entered on our ammunition order form MUST MATCH EXACTLY your billing address for the credit card you are using to purchase an order.  If it does not exactly match, your order will be delayed or cancelled.


o   We will accept cash payment (for the exact amount) on local orders where the customer has made arrangements to pick up their package at our warehouse location.

Shipment of orders:


o   No international shipments.

o   Orders generally ship 7-10 business days after receipt of order, proper identification, (signed FFL or C &R license if required) and confirmation of payment. Please allow a few additional days during peak periods and holidays.

o   All shipments will be fully insured for the purchase value.

o   Ammunition will be shipped via USPS GROUND.  Ammunition cannot be shipped via air.  A tracking number (when available) will be emailed to the buyer usually the day after the item ships.  When an FFL or C & R gun dealer is involved in the purchase of ammunition, the tracking number will be emailed there as well.

o   If an item is damaged during shipment, keep all materials (boxes, packing slip, labels and merchandise included in the shipment) this will help with the claims process.  Open and inspect all your items immediately upon receiving them.  If the package was damaged in shipment, please call us at 512.754.3411.

o   Local Texas customers may make arrangements to pick up orders at the DFC warehouse during regular business hours.  Such arrangements MUST BE MADE at order placement PRIOR to making payment.

o   Ammunition deliveries must be signed for by an adult over the age of 21 years.

o  Customers in states requiring ammunition purchases to ONLY be shipped to a local FFL (Federal Firearms License - type 01) or a C & R (Curio and Relic license - type 03) gun dealer for a legal transfer, a current LEGIBLE signed copy of the gun dealers FFL or C & R license will be required prior to shipping. The license can be faxed or emailed.  Please have your transferring dealer reference your name and the DFC sales order number on the faxed or emailed license copy along with any other correspondence.  Faxes can be sent to 512.754.3422 and emails to . A copy of this license must be received within 5 business days after receipt of the order.  AMMUNITION SALES SOLD TO STATES REQUIRING CITIZENS TO PURCHASE AMMUNITION ONLY THROUGH A LICENSED FFL OR C & R GUN DEALER, WILL ONLY BE SHIPPED TO THE ADDRESS LISTED ON THE GUN DEALERS VALID LICENSE - NO EXCEPTIONS.





Federal, State and local laws relating to purchasing ammunition:

Down For The Count (DFC) Sales and Distribution LLC complies with all Federal, State and local laws. The following list of state and local laws is NOT represented to be all inclusive of the fifty states numerous ammunition laws.  THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING AWARE OF ALL LAWS REGARDING THIS PURCHASE OF AMMUNITION.

o   ALASKA CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   CONNECTICUT CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   HAWAII CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   MASSACHUSETTS CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   MARYLAND CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   NEW JERSEY CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   NEW YORK CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   OHIO CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   WASHINGTON D.C. CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   WASHINGTON STATE CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales.

o   U.S. TERRITORY OF GUAM CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales outside of lower 48 States.

o   U.S. TERRITORY OF PUERTO RICO CUSTOMERS: Sorry, no ammunition sales outside of lower 48 States.


To find out more about your own State and Local Laws and Regulations, visit the informative links below:
National Rifle Association and the Institute for Legislative Action
ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Online Regulations


D.F.C.'s Mission Statement:

Thank you for shopping with us!  Down For The Count Sales and Distribution, LLC (DFC) has been primarily a small web-based gun shop that also sold locally in the state of Texas for over 10 years.  DFC is now selling high quality new and surplus bulk ammunition online.  To keep prices down, we remain a small web based and mail order business and do not have a store front allocated for customer shopping.  Customers can place orders for ammunition either online at our website (, emailed to or faxed to 512.754.3422 to us 24 hours a day, or by phone 512.754.3411 during our business hours.  We look forward to doing business with you.




(Revision  3-10-2013)