Templer Family Association


Section 1 - The name of the organization shall be Templer Family Association. It is organized as a non-profit family organization.

Section 2 - The Templer Family Association is organized for the purpose of promoting the family relationships of the Templer family through genealogical research, family reunions and such other events that may be deemed advisable as conducive to building family unity.


Section 1 - Membership in the Templer Family Association is bestowed upon all persons who are members of the family, through either birth or adoption, as descendants of James Templer and Martha Huff, and by marriage to those who are descendants. James Templer and Martha Huff raised a family in Loudoun County, Virginia, in the late 1700's as reflected in the family genealogy files.

Section 2 - Voting members shall include those family members, as defined in Section 1 of this Article, that are in attendance at any family meeting called by the President or Board of Directors. Proxy voting is not permitted.


Section 1 - Regular meetings of the full membership are expected to be held at least every third year at which time the officers shall be elected by majority vote of those family members in attendance.

Section 2 - Special meetings of the full membership may be called as needed by the President or the Board of Directors between the regular meetings.

Section 3 - Notice of each meeting of the full membership shall be given to those who maintain their names and current addresses on the mailing list of the organization at least thirty days prior to the scheduled meeting. Those in attendance at such meetings shall constitute a quorum for purposes of conducting the business of the organization.


Section 1 - The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of the organization plus one At-Large Representative. The Board is responsible for organizing the meetings of the membership and other events used to promote family unity.

Section 2 - The Board shall meet as needed to plan the meetings and events for the family, authorize Officers to sign contracts necessary for the holding of those events, and to authorize the opening of checking accounts and the signature authorizations for such accounts. The special events at regular meetings may be planned and organized by a committee appointed by the Board.

Section 3 - Election of Officers and the At-Large Representative of the Board shall occur at the time of each meeting of the full membership of the Templer Family Association. Such elections shall not occur at other special events with limited attendance except as provided in Article 4, Section 6. Officers and the At-Large Representative may be eligible for re-election.

Section 4 - An official Board meeting may be called by the President with two weeks notice to each Board member of the time and place of the meeting. An effort will be made to accommodate all members. At least three members present shall constitute a quorum. Telephone conferencing may be utilized for such meetings.

Section 5 - The Officers of the organization and their duties shall be as follows:

President shall be responsible for convening all business meetings of the full membership and the Board and will chair all such meetings as required by these Bylaws.

Vice President shall be responsible for presiding at all called meetings in the absence of the President and assisting the President in planning family meetings.

Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of the organization's membership, actions of the Board and the full membership business meetings, sending out meeting announcements, and assuring that all other records are maintained.

Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the organization, pay all valid bills of the organization, and report to the organization on the financial information.

At-Large Representative shall assist the other members of the Board in planning events for the family meetings.

Section 6 - When a vacancy on the Board exists due to resignation or death, the Board shall be responsible for filling the vacancy until the next meeting of the full membership.

Section 7 - Family members are encouraged to communicate all genealogical information for their individual family units to the Board for recording in the combined genealogical records for the Templer Family Association. Those records will be maintained on computerized genealogy systems and backed up periodically for safekeeping purposes. Family members may request data from those records for their personal files as needed.

Section 8 - The Board may appoint any member of Templer Family Association to serve on Committees to assist with the planning and organizing of meetings and events.


Section 1 - These Bylaws of the Templer Family Association may be amended when necessary by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership at any called meeting of the full membership. Notice of such proposed amendments will be mailed with the notice of the meeting.

These Bylaws were approved by the organizers of Templer Family Association on the dates shown, and signed by the following organizing members of the Board who shall serve in the designated positions until the next meeting of the full membership.

/s/ Charles Templer  5/16/2001

/s/ Mary Opal Templer Dickson   6/8/2001
Vice President

/s/ M. Rebecca Templer Breazeale  5/18/2001

/s/ Colleen Templer   5/16/2001

/s/ Joe L. Templer, Jr.   5/30/2001
At-Large Representative